Writing about the art of leadership & management in software development.

All of my long-form thoughts on programming, leadership, management, and more, collected in chronological order.

A Cat of Your Own

Much like Griffin the dog needs a cat to chase and feel alive, we need goals to chase to feel fulfilled.

The Three Values

The three values by which I will be running my own personal business moving forward.

What the Hey

Building software requires some kind of plan. Here is mine for building Hey G!, my latest project that combines ChatGPT and your own writing to streamline social media content creation.

Storytelling in Management

One of the best methods of interacting with your team members is using the oldest art form: storytelling.

You Don’t Need Scrum

Iterative development is great, but there is no real need to overburden yourself with a specific framework like scrum.

Four Ways to Improve Remote Work

Working remotely has its own challenges. Here are a few ways to improve the experience and help you focus.

Your Code is (Probably) Good Enough

Don't overthink your code quality. Always be improving, but regonize that perfect can be the enemy of good.