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Case Study: Solar Panel Mount Manufacturer

Our client manufactures custom stand-alone mounts for solar panel systems.

What we had.
  • WooCommerce for checkout and customer information.
  • Custom modeling software for the customer to visualize their build.
  • A library of CAD models used by CNC machines to cut parts to order.
  • A spreadsheet to manually manage the day’s work.
What we did.
  • Used Monday as the real-time production board.
  • A custom WooCommerce integration sync customer data with Monday.
  • When an order is placed all CAD models needed for manufacture are automatically attached to it in the production board.
  • Notifications for the customer when their order status changed.
What we achieved.
  • Workshop employees can consistently load the correct models for each order, reducing material waste.
  • Sales and management can manage and see the status of any order in real time.
  • Automatic communications greatly reduced inbound questions from customers.
  • Reports on parts cut and materials used streamlined inventory maintenance.

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