Small business is our business.

Millions of small businesses struggle to use technology appropriately. Fillmer Innovation Group helps small businesses implement technology in a big way.

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The Technology Pillars

Implement with Intention

Too often business owners try to leverage new technology because, well, that's what you are supposed to do.

Instead, FIG approaches things with a strategic focus on the three pillars of technological improvement: Marketing, Operations, and Innovation.


Social Media, SEO, and online advertising to get more exposure for your business.

  • SEO → improving the reach of your online presence that is platform independent.
  • Social → improving your reach and momentum by leveraging popular platforms.
  • Site → improve your own online presence to be more widely appealing and useful.
  • Ads → traditional online ads to drive traffic to your site.

More time spent on growth, less time spent on operational concerns.

  • Inventory → improve real-time knowledge of current product inventory and needs.
  • Finance → reduce errors and increase efficiency of financial processes such as bookkeeping and billing.
  • HR → centralize knowledge about employees and contractors.
  • Workflows → streamline business processes to reduce costs and increase output.

The creation of entirely new systems or products related to your business.

  • Product Creation → supplementing existing product offerings with an entirely new digital product.
  • Process Replacement → using technology to create a new way of performing an existing process.
  • Insight → using data to report on business processes in a new way, or give customers new visibility.