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Howdy, I'm Bryan Fillmer.

I am a father, husband, business-owner, long-time software engineer, and occasional fisherman. I have been an active developer since 1999, the last six years of which I have done business as a solo entrepreneur.

The common thread across my career has been one of problem solving. My career began like most, as an implementor, learning everything I could about how to write code. Over time my skill-set has grown to include strategic planning, team building, product management, system architecture, and development processes.

I have had exposure to most of the technologies that make up our crazy internet. Recent technologies of note include the usual array of front-end frameworks such as React, general Javascript usage for front and back-end development, and Kafka for handling high-volume systems. Other technologies with which I have deeper experience include Ember, Angular, PHP, and Ruby.

Recent projects include:

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I'm always open for a conversation, sometimes even about work. Fly-fishing and football are good conversation topics as well.

I am active on social media at LinkedIn IconLinkedin and Twitter IconTwitter.