Four Ways to Improve Remote Work

Being a remote knowledge worker is a great opportunity. But, like all things in life, it comes with its own trade-offs.

Sitting in one place all day with minimal in-person interactions takes a toll on the body and mind.

Here are four ways to combat this:

Take a walk.

Every day. Schedule this as a break between work sessions. A walk outside stimulates the brain and acts as a great transition between types of work or projects.

Bonus points if you have a companion, furry or otherwise.

Create small daily rituals.

For me this is mobility work in the morning, then periodic coffee and tea breaks. Stepping away from the computer and fully focusing on a physical task is an excellent way to break through a mental block.

I have also tried micro-cleaning breaks, which can be fulfilling, but I tend to get sucked in and spend the rest of the day cleaning something.

Sit in many spaces.

I use the ritual breaks mentioned above as transitions to move from one seating space to another. Over the course of the day I sit in perhaps five or six different places in the house. The change of scenery and body angles helps prevent stiffness and fatigue.

Work remote(r).

Twice a week I go to a coffee shop. For an hour I write, no headphones, and allow my mind to wander while people watching. This is when my best ideas emerge from overheard conversations and idle thoughts.

And that’s it! Fours simple ways to improve the remote work experience and increase your productivity at the same time.